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Covid-19 Safety Policy


At Pettifer Plumbing & Heating we have a strict preparation, prevention and response plan for the safety of our team and our clients.

We are continually monitoring updates on government guidelines


All members of our team:
  • Are stocked with sanitiser
  • Are stocked with tissues
  • Are stocked with disinfectant and a cloth
  • Have a strict safety policy checklist we are adhering to


Our team have a safety policy checklist risk assessment for the safety of our clients and our team that includes:
  • Identifying who will be present on job sites
  • The age, health status and specific(potential)risks of everyone present on site
  • Confirmation of self-isolation/quarantine status of clients
  • Confirmation of any interaction with individuals that have been quarantined
  • An analysis of the job site to ensure safety throughout the job for our clients and our team
All members of our team:
  • Are continually self-monitoring for symptoms
  • Are frequently wiping work surfaces and tools with disinfectant where applicable
  • Have periodic temperature checks for fevers
  • Are frequently washing their hands and request that our team have access to a place to wash their hands onsite
  • Are frequently sanitising
  • Are strictly maintaining safe social distancing
  • Have a strict rule on respiratory etiquette and are coughing and sneezing into tissues
  • Are encouraged not to use each other's phones

Response plan

Any member of our team that is at risk is encouraged to stay at home.

Any member of our team that has either been diagnosed or aware of coming into direct ontact with someone who has been diagnosed is strictly forbidden from working and provided with the support necessary to nurse themselves back to health and to avoid infecting their colleaguesand our clients.