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Benefits of a Smart Meter

Published by : Eva on 25 March 2022

Nowadays, most energy suppliers will supply a smart meter for your home, free of charge. Although, you’re not obliged to install a smart meter in your home or business it does offer a range of benefits which include the following:

  • A smart meter replaces the ‘traditional’ electricity and/gas meter you have.
  • It communicates with an energy monitor similar that to that displayed in the photo above. This is called an ‘In-home display’ and is exactly that. The digital display can be plugged in anywhere in your home as well as show you how much energy you are consuming and how much it is costing you.
  • Some display monitors can even tell you how much CO2 you’re producing.
  • The meter automatically sends your electric and gas readings to your supplier every thirty minutes for accurate readings and costs. Therefore, no surprises, you will only be billed for the electricity you use.
  • You can check if your power is working directly from your In-home display or via the app on your smart phone. Perfect, whilst you’re working away from home or on holiday.
  • Smart meters are easy to navigate via buttons or touch screen.
  • Your display will alert you of any sudden spikes which may be associated by a power cut or faulty appliance.
  • A smart meter improves awareness on how much energy is being consumed in the home. Therefore, can help you make more informed decisions and positive changes in behavioural habits within your household and for the environment.
  • Smart meters are becoming widespread which means more tariffs to choose from.